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Hegwein Gas Fired Igniter - Hegwein - 0001600047 - Hegwein ZXDAP - 81 M /HEG05323 Gas Fired Igniter

Hegwein ZXDAP - 81 M /HEG05323 Gas Fired Igniter

  • Product Code
  • ZXDAP - 81 M /HEG05323

  • Int No
  • 0001600047

Gas Fired Igniter

Part no:4016103 

ionisation monitored, 

with integrated spark transformer and 

EU type approved flame monitor 

integrated flame relay with one SPOT contact (additional fuse required locally) 

suitable for Ex area zone 2 or zone 22

Ex classification:

l 3 G Ex nC IIC T5 Gc, il 3 D Ex tc IIIC T 100°c


Supply voltage: 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Tube length:810 mm

Tube diameter:35 mm

Gas port: Rp ½ 

Air port: Rp 1 

Heat release:45 kW maximum

Kinci of gas:Natural gas 

Required gas pressure: 50 - 150 mbarg 

Required air pressure: 32 mbarg minimum

Maximum air flow:

30 m3/h, remainder must be available from combustion chamber

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