Olaer Ihv 2,5-330/01 Accumulator

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Product number Ihv 2,5-330/01 Accumulator
Producer Olaer

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Description: Ihv 2,5-330/01 Accumulator ( Olaer )

Olaer Ihv 2,5-330/01 Accumulator

Product Name: Olaer Ihv 2,5-330/01 Accumulator
Product Brand: Olaer
Product Code: Ihv 2,5-330/01 Accumulator
Product Artikel: Olaer Ihv 2,5-330/01 Accumulator

EHV 2,5-350/24-A25DB-200

EHV 2,5-350/11-A25DB-200

EHV 2,5-350/41-A25DB-200 B

G 3/4” cyl E114 (2) CE 89 KIT EHV


11168301125 11163401125 11166001125 04555200223 20251003648 20151903620 19036500225 19036500225


Accumulators with stainless steel fluid port assembly, seamless forged steel pressure vessel, internally and

externally chemically nickel-plated, robust gas valve,


Operating pressure

330 to 350 bar

Gas filling pressure P0

Max. 90% of the operating pressure.

Other pressures on request.

Temperature range

Standard execution -15 °C to +80 °C.

Other temperature ranges on request.

Hydraulic fluids


Other media to be specified with the order.

Mounting position

Vertical (fluid connection directed downwards) to horizontal.

Leave 200 mm above the gas valve for mounting the VGU

tester and pressurizer.


Clamps and mounting brackets with rubber inserts, resp.

mounting set see register 11 InchDamper accessoriesInch.

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