Norgren RM/8012/MF/80 Roundline Cylinder

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Product number RM/8012/MF/80
Producer Norgren
Artikelnummer RM/8012/MF/80
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Rating Count 14667

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Description: RM/8012/MF/80 ( Norgren )


Product features    

Attribute    Value    
FunctionDouble acting
ISO StandardISO 6432
Bore diameter (mm)12
Stroke length (mm)80
Port Size (mm)M 5
Thread form piston-rodMale thread
Thread size piston-rodM 6
Barrel materialStainless steel
Material piston rodStainless steel
Seal materialNBR
End caps materialAnodised aluminium
Operating temperature (°C)from -10 to 80
Operating pressure (bar)from 1 to 10
VariantFlat rear cover

Latest Comments

عائشة العتيبي
/ 2020-02-26

سعر معقول من البائع المنتسب. أنا راضٍ عن المشتريات أنا أحب المنتج كما هو موضح ، منتج لاباس به حسب السعر. أقيم دائمًا المنتج وفقًا لسعره. يمكنك الحصول عليه من بائع موثوق بدون تردد. Norgren

Jazlynn Haynes
/ 2020-01-17

They shipped in a short time with great care. Excellent and super fast service, thanks a lot. Everything was as I expected. Great seller, absolutely stellar. Norgren RM/8012/MF/80 Stable and functional.

Reid Moyer
/ 2019-12-02

No stratches, great packaging quality. The goods are the same as the merchant description. Ever so marvelous packaging. They always sell the high quality products.