Norgren 8472200.0000.00000 Brass Angle Seat Valve

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Product number 8472200.0000.00000
Producer Norgren
Artikelnummer 8472200.0000.00000
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Description: 8472200.0000.00000 ( Norgren )

  • Visual position indicator as standard
  • Dampened closing (closes against flow direction)
  • Suitable for contaminated flow fluids
  • Suitable for vacuum up to max. 90%
  • Reversed flow direction optional
Port size:G1/2

Latest Comments

Tatiana Bray
/ 2020-01-17

Highly recommended, first class product. Norgren 8472200.0000.00000 The product was delivered just in time. After buying it got shipped very quickly, I am surprized. Excellent seller, fast delivery, many thanks.

ابتهاج الفدا
/ 2019-11-23

شكرا جزيلا للبائع ، تم تسليم المنتج في يدي دون أي مشاكل. لقد أحببته كثيرًا كما توقعت ، وليست هناك أي مشاكل. Norgren يمكنك الحصول عليها براحة البال ، الشركة قوية للغاية شكرا لك. إنه يعطي معلومات ذات صلة ومفصلة للغاية.

Mireya Swanson
/ 2019-11-02

Packaging was good. Fine quality, great packaging. Prompt, good, valued, highly recommended. Norgren 8472200.0000.00000 Excellent seller, fast delivery, many thanks. It was a superb and good item, I am really pleased.