ABB CP-E24/10.0 Power Supply

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Il codice del prodotto CP-E24/10.0
Produttori ABB
Artikelnummer CP-E24/10.0
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Description: CP-E24/10.0 ( ABB )

  • Extended Product Type:
    CP-E 24/10.0
  • Product ID:
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  • Catalog Description:
    CP-E 24/10.0 Power supply In:115/230VAC Out: 24VDC/10A
  • Long Description:
    The CP-E 24/10.0 is a power supply from the CP-E range. The primary switch mode power supply offers a wide range input of 90-132 V AC, 180-264 V AC and 210-375 V DC, rated input voltage is 115 or 230 V AC (auto select). The rated output power is 240 W, rated output current is 10 A at an output voltage of 24 V DC. The output voltage is adjustable within a range of 22.5 to 28.5 V DC. The power supply provides an U/I output characteristic. In order to increase capacity, up to 3 units can be connected in parallel. A redundancy unit is available as accessory.