Holmatro HCJ 25 H 25 Constraction Cylinder

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Product number HCJ 25 H 25
Producer Holmatro
Artikelnummer 100.122.068

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Description: HCJ 25 H 25 ( Holmatro )

Holmatro HCJ 25 H 25 Constraction Cylinder

Product Name: Holmatro HCJ 25 H 25 Constraction Cylinder
Product Brand: Holmatro
Product Code: HCJ 25 H 25
Product Artikel: 100.122.068


Double acting, hydraulic return construction cylinder. Standard with High Flow female coupler A 118 on inlet port, High Flow female coupler with pressure relief valve A 418 on outlet port, bottom plug and screw-on saddle.

Standard supplied with:

    • High Flow female coupler A 118
    • Flat saddle
    Basic specifications
    modelHCJ 25 H 25
    max. working pressure720 / 72 (bar/Mpa)10443 psi
    tonnage25 t55116 lb
    stroke250 mm9.8 in
    closed height450 mm17.7 in
    capacity238.9 kN / 24.4 t / 238.9 / 24.4 (kN/t)53707 lbf
    effective pressure area (press)33.2 cm25.1 sq. in.
    effective pressure area (retract)17.3 cm22.7 sq. in.
    General specifications
    required oil content (press)829 cc28 oz
    required oil content (retract)432 cc14.6 oz
    acting typedouble
    return typehydraulic
    cylinder typeconstruction
    connectionA 118
    Dimensions, weight and temperature
    weight, ready for use18.2 kg40.1 lb
    Technical drawing dimensions
    dimension A450 mm17.7 in
    dimension B85 mm3.3 in
    dimension C45 mm1.8 in
    dimension D170 mm2.8 in
    dimension D285 mm3.3 in
    dimension E56 mm2.2 in
    dimension F397 mm15.6 in
    I typeI-2
    dimension JM85 x 2 threadsize
    dimension K40 mm1.6 in
    dimension L2Inch NPT threadsize
    dimension N27 mm1.1 in
    dimension P60 mm2.4 in
    dimension M2” NPT threadsize
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