ACL SRL P170 Coaxial and Pneumatic operated valves Description

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Numéro de produit P170
Fabricant ACL SRL
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Rating Count 9496

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Description: P170 ( ACL SRL )

2 way normally closed angle seat valve pneumatically operated

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روزان الأسمري
/ 2020-05-07

أنا أحب المنتج ، ولديه نظرة قوية للغاية ، والشركة مثالية لوظيفة الشحن السريع. مبروك ، أرسلوا لك بسرعة. الجودة جيدة مقارنة بالسعر المنتج يتوافق مع توقعاتي افضل من النموذج الآخر

Mayra Flynn
/ 2020-03-01

I am a repeat customer, excellent communication and prompt shipping. Everything was as I expected. The packaging was especially nice. They provide first rate quality service, awesom.

Janiyah Mcknight
/ 2019-12-19

Great product, awesome price. Boxing material was as good as the product itself.