ACL SRL 117 2/2 Servoassisted NC

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Numéro de produit 117
Fabricant ACL SRL
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Description: 117 ( ACL SRL )

Solenoid valve 2 way with servo-assisted diaphragm bi-stable.
The bi-stable function is achieved by the use of a polarised permanent magnet energising the coil with a DC current for at least 15ms in the reverse direction of the previous impulse.

Latest Comments

Ellen Aguilar
/ 2020-04-17

Turstworthy merchant, I had no problems with the product. High standard item, recommended. The model meets the requirements, thanks a lot. ACL SRL 117 2/2 Servoassisted NC

计 丹
/ 2020-03-03

试用完之后,挺好用的 质量和性能都是很满意的 第三次购买了,物流快,包装好。

Irene Velasquez
/ 2020-01-06

After buying it got shipped very quickly, I am surprized. Purchased many times, always high quality. I am really pleased with my purchase from this trusted seller. ACL SRL