AC-Motoren IE2AC22M4001 Three-phase asynchronous motor

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Numéro de produit IE2AC22M4001
Fabricant AC-Motoren
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Description: IE2AC22M4001 ( AC-Motoren )

 FCM 225 M 4 / HE Type designation FCM Weight 329.00 kg Motor type 3 ~ Frequency 50/60 Housing material GG Insulation class F / B Size 225 Ambient temperature -20 to +40 Eff.Cl. 50Hz IE2 shaft end 60 x 140 Eff.Cl. 60Hz IE2 color RAL7030 type B5 terminal box position top AS flange 450 protective device winding PTC 150 ° C power 1 50Hz 45.00 kW protection class IP55 power 1 60Hz 54.00 kW version BS fan blades plastic switching type Δ / Y operating mode S1 voltage 50Hz 400/690 ball bearing AS 6313.ZZ.C3 voltage 60Hz 460/795 ball bearing BS 6313.ZZ.C3 number of poles 4 bearing AS floating bearing speed 1480/1776 bearing BS fixed bearing according to EU regulation (EC) No. 640/2009 these motors (from 0.75 KW)

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Jair Church
/ 2020-02-26

The design is beautiful, it is very satisfying. Very detailed product description and great customer service. Great product, awesome price.

Russell Snow
/ 2019-12-03

It was carefully packaged, not even a stratch. Very detailed product description and great customer service. Exactly what I needed to buy. Good stuff, great service, really great. The product is the exact same with the description.

عبير الخالدي
/ 2019-11-08

السعر والجودة جيدان جدا. نحن راضون المنتج يتوافق مع توقعاتي افضل من النموذج الآخر البائع موثوق به جاء المنتج مثل الصورة. يحتوي الشرح أيضًا على عناصر مكتوبة.