ABB FAM541 Variable Area Flowmeter

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Numéro de produit FAM541
Fabricant ABB
Artikelnummer FAM541
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Description: FAM541 ( ABB )

The flowmeters are indispensable where high pressure and / or high temperature operating conditions exist. The stainless steel primaries as well as the PTFE liner primaries are proven in many applications even under hardest conditions.

  • Primary instrument designs
    – Type FAM541: Standard-line with flange connections
    – Type FAM544: Hygienic design
    – Type FAM545: With PTFE-liner for aggressive fluids
    – Type FAM546: With steam jacket for temperature sensitive fluids
  • Easily adjustable for new operating conditions
  • Magnetic stick operation
    – Configurations also possible with closed housing 

All devices are available as analog indicator with or without alarms as well as electronic transmitter with 4 to 20 mA, HART communication and NAMUR contact outputs and optionally with a graphical display. They can be used in all hazardous areas.

Latest Comments

Orion Golden
/ 2019-12-29

Splendid, ideal packaging. This is my second time buying from them, I am quite satisfied. Great product, awesome price.

دنيا الفيفي
/ 2019-11-19

كما يمكن الحصول على جودة عملية ومناسبة بسعر جيد. التعبئة والتغليف والشحن جيد للغاية. البائع موثوق به جاء المنتج مثل الصورة. يحتوي الشرح أيضًا على عناصر مكتوبة. المنتج يتوافق مع توقعاتي افضل من النموذج الآخر يحتوي الشرح أيضًا على عناصر مكتوبة.

يزن الشيباني
/ 2019-11-18

أنا راضٍ جدًا عن المنتج والبائع. شكرا مرة أخرى للبائع. السعر معقول ABB 1SAR261300 R0151