ACL SRL 371 NC 3/2 Direct Acting NC

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Produktnummer 371 NC
Hersteller ACL SRL
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Rating Count 589

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Description: 371 NC ( ACL SRL )

Solenoid valve 3 way in stainless steel AISI 316 direct acting poppet type

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Jovanny Barnes
/ 2020-06-01

Boxing material was as good as the product itself. Great product, awesome price. Everything was as I expected. The product was as described and it was great quality, very practical.

Samira Pellegrino
/ 2020-01-29

secondo volta che faccio ordine è tutto senza problema , non comprate dal mercato che costano tre volte in più. Grazie per aiuto la mia macchina si é fermata e mi hanno chiamato subito. Potete comprare tranquillamente sono un venditore sincero di qualità e amichevole. ACL SRL

Reilly Livingston
/ 2019-11-07

Excellent and super fast service, thanks a lot. Fine quality, great packaging. Stable and functional. It was meritorious, thanks again.