ACL SRL 10349... Connectors

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Produktnummer 10349...
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Description: 10349... ( ACL SRL )

Connector code 10349... DIN 43650 Form A connector

Connector code 10348... DIN 46244 Form B (DIN 43650 Form B) connector

Connector code 10348040 AMP 2.8x0.5 connector

Connector code 10348060 DIN 43650 Form C connector

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Rohan Yoder
/ 2020-04-01

Fast shipping and high quality customer service, wonderful. Item was exactly as described. The packaging was especially nice. Excellent quality, great packaging, speedy shipping. Prompt, good, valued, highly recommended.

Camden Arnold
/ 2020-01-05

Exactly what I needed to buy. This is my second time buying from them, I am quite satisfied. ACL SRL 10349... Connectors High standard item, recommended. Great delivery service, it arrived faster than I thought.

Gaven Griffin
/ 2019-12-26

I am really pleased with my purchase from this trusted seller. I would definitely buy from again. The item was excellent, thank you. Purchased many times, always high quality. Good stuff, great service, really great.