AC-Motoren ACM 160 M4 / HE IE2 Electric motor

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Produktnummer ACM 160 M4 / HE IE2
Hersteller AC-Motoren
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Description: ACM 160 M4 / HE IE2 ( AC-Motoren )

11.00 kW IE2 Volt: 400/690 Amp .: 21.0 / 12.2 KW: 11.0 - S1 - B3 - IP 55 - U / min: 1460 - Isokl: F With PTC thermistor

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إلهام الفيفي
/ 2020-03-12

كما ذكر تماما ، أنا راضٍ للغاية . AC-Motoren ACM 160 M4 / HE IE2 سعر معقول من البائع المنتسب. أنا راضٍ عن المشتريات

Marilyn Oliver
/ 2019-12-21

Boxing material was as good as the product itself. First rate quality with immensely quick delivery. Excellent mastery, great product and fast service, thank you. AC-Motoren Pleasing service quality, I will by again.

Ariel Gibson
/ 2019-11-20

Exactly what I needed to buy. It was meritorious, thanks again. The design is beautiful, it is very satisfying. Highly recommended, first class product.