Zander Aachen

Who is Zander Aachen?

Zander Aachen was founded by Hermann Zander in 1950 and has been producing reliable safety and control technology products for industrial machinery and plant construction since establishment. This situation, which occurred as a result of the rapid growth of the company, gave rise to the idea that the company found... Read more

Witte Pumps Technology

Who is WITTE PUMPS & TECHNOLOGY and where was it established?

WITTE PUMPS & TECHNOLOGY GmbH was founded in 1984 in Uetersen, near Hamburg. Customers of high-quality WITTE precision gear pumps generally consist of the plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. WITTE has not only produced and developed custom soluti... Read more


Who is Unimec and where was it established?

The company was founded in 1981 by Luigi Maggioni under the name UNIMEC. UNIMEC head offices are located in Milan Usmate-Velate and have a production area of ​​20,000 m2. 10.000 m2 of this area is closed area and it has production and offices. The design and engineering of products is bas... Read more


Who is Stego and what is its intended use?

Founded in 1980 in Schwäbisch (South Germany), STEGO Elektrotechnik GmbH has a growing product range. STEGO products aim to achieve optimized climatic conditions in a wide variety of environments to ensure that sensitive components always operate reliably. Tried and tested temperature and hum... Read more

Pavone System

Who is the Pavone System and what does it produce?

Pavone System is a company that has been the leader in weighing and measuring sector for 60 years. Since the establishment of the company, paying attention to the production and development of load cells, weight transmitters and weight indicators, it has progressed to the integrated in... Read more

IMI Norgren

Who is Norgren and how was it established?

Carl Norgren, the company's founder and pioneer, founded the air purification company in his kitchen in Denver, Colorado. When he designed the world's first lubricant in 1927, he led almost the entire industry. Norgren Company has been maintaining its pioneering role in compressed air processi... Read more


What is the meaning of IFM and when was it established?

Ifm, which started out with the awareness that the vision and the word "Quality" covers much more than the actual product, started its activities in October 1969. It is represented in over 95 countries with more than 7300 employees.

More than 70% of its products are develo... Read more


Who is Helmholz what is the purpose?

Helmholz as an industrial communications specialist shows how solutions for Industry 4.0 and new technologies can actually create added value. It helps you how to improve this process and what to look out for. Offering the perfect solution for every automation task is Helmholz's primary goal.

<... Read more


Who is Hawe and where was it founded?

In 1949, HAWE Hydraulik founded Karl Heilmeier, an engineer in Munich, Germany, and Wilhelm Weinlein, a merchant, "Heilmeier und Weinlein, Fabrik für Oelhydraulik GmbH & Co. KG".

HAWE Hydraulik is a medium-sized, internationally active family business headquartered in Munich / Germany. It ... Read more


Who is Hauber and where was it founded?

The Hauber Company was founded in 1966 in the town of Nürtingen, Germany, on Paulinenstraße 14. In 1970, the company bought the name MARS-Elektronik. The company was later renamed HAUBER- Elektronik GmbH.

The first explosion-proof vibration monitoring unit was developed in 2006. The fir... Read more


Who is Enerpac When was it founded?

Enerpac is owned by the Enerpac Tool Group, an industrial vehicle and service company founded in 1910 and headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

Enerpac's history dates back to 1910, when the first company produced water pumps for Ford's legendary 'Model T' motor car. As a technology le... Read more


Who is Solberg and Where is it?

Charles H. Solberg Sr. In 1966, small air compressors invented a new tubular muffler design for the FS Series. The Solberg company was founded in 1968. It managed to enter the Canadian market. Later, Charles H. Solberg, Jr. patented the new filter making process. The sales region was able to move to Euro... Read more

Pegasus Actuators

Who is Pegasus Actuators?

Pegasus Actuators GmbH was established in 2007 to develop, manufacture and market electro-mechanical actuators worldwide. PEGASUS servo actuators are used in many industrial enterprises where precision and reliability are essential. PEGASUS servo actuators are developed in our facilities in the town of Wöllst... Read more


Who is Nuovafima established and where?

F.I.M.A. Fabbrica Italiana di Manometri ed Affini - was founded in Invorio in 1925 by Vittorio Barcellini and Carlo Curioni to meet the growing demand of pressure gauges and other similar instruments in the industrial industry. The processes that took place in Italy during the period of heavy ind... Read more


Who is Holmatro? Where was it established?

On May 19, 1967, Holmatro started its activities as NV Holmatra Industrial Equipment manufacturer, which represents Meiji spray paint equipment only for the Netherlands and Germany. Holmatra founded Holland Machine Trading in a renovated store in the center of Woerden (NL).

Holmatro G... Read more


Who is GHM Group?

GHM Group is a German company that responds to many demands in the sector with its 6 companies. Turkey distributor of our products in Turkey and sales We help our customers in all product groups.

Which product groups does GHM Group sell?

The main product groups are Temperature, Flow, Pressure, Level ... Read more


Who is Eurotherm and where was it established?

Founded in 1965 by an innovative management group in Worthing and West Sussex in England, the company soon turned to adjacent technology areas. Independent companies were established to produce Data Loggers (Chessell Ltd), Control Systems (TCS / Turnbull Control Systems) and Variable Speed... Read more


Who is CTC and Where is it?

CTC (Connection Technology Center) is an industry-leading brand that stands out with its American industrial acceleration measurements and vibration analysis, and offers an unconditional lifetime warranty. Inc - CTC, which is the Connection Technology Center, offers the highest quality accelerometers, vibrat... Read more

Bosch Rexroth

Who is Bosch Rexroth?

The company was first opened in Canada in 1961. Later, this was followed by new locations in many parts of the American continent.

As a global partner, Bosch Rexroth meets the needs of mechanical and plant engineering in a global structure with unparalleled industry knowledge using the latest technology.... Read more

Beko Technologies

Who is Beko Technologies?

It was commissioned by Berthold Koch in 1982 in the backyard of a house in Düsseldorf, Germany. As a result of intensive studies, he developed the first electronically designed condensate discharge system, which he called the Bekomat model, using simple materials. This invention not only solved one of the mai... Read more


Atos and where was it founded?

Atos is a private company with a multinational organization. It has a unique range, production volumes and a large sales network, with great sensitivity and attention to customers. It aims to establish strong relationships with its customers, and to establish true partnerships with a common thought to ach... Read more



AMG-Pesch is a pneumatic actuator manufacturer and a leading ERIKS group brand in high quality industrial valves and control systems. Since February 2011, AMG-Pesch has been a member of the ERIKS group. AMG-PESCH stands for innovation and tradition. The company first started by Wilhelm Pesch KG GmbH & Co. It was founded... Read more