Aryung ACRK-4.0KW 8P Coolant Pumps

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Product number ACRK-4.0KW 8P
Producer Aryung

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Description: ACRK-4.0KW 8P ( Aryung )

Aryung ACRK-4.0KW 8P Coolant Pumps

Product Name: Aryung ACRK-4.0KW 8P Coolant Pumps
Product Brand: Aryung
Product Code: ACRK-4.0KW 8P
Product Artikel: Aryung ACRK-4.0KW 8P Coolant Pumps

ACRK series pump is used machine tool for high precision, performance to make the processing materials cool and wash out the sludges.

The major raw materials consist of stainless steel. the mechanical seal is made FKM that endure high temperature and keeps long-life performance.

ACRK series is high-pressuremulti-staged centrifugal pump. This pump is used machine and tools for high precision and performance to make cool the processing materials and wash out the sludge.

The application range of this type is for cooling systems of NC, CNC, lathe, machining center, grinding machine, and filtering systems and washing machine. The major raw materials consists of stainless steel, and the mechanical seal is made FKM that endures high temperature and keeps long-life performance.

The using liquids should be clean, non-explosive and low viscosity without solid particles, sludge, and fibres, additionally not affects original elements of pump. If the viscosity and gravity of using liquids is higher than soluble cutting water, the motor power has to be increased according to working conditions.


This pump can be installed additional empty chambers when the tank is deeper.

Caution: Because more chambers installing causes low pressure, when the pump is equiped, the separating plate has to be installed between tank outlet area and inlet area to avoid low sucking performance.


The motor is used standard fan cooling system and standard dimension.

Enclosure class : IP54

Insulation class : F

Standard voltage 50Hz : 3Ø 200/380, 415V

Standard voltage 60Hz : 3Ø 220/380, 440V

The motors manufactured are high efficiency motors, 750W or higher, according to the Efficiency Standard of Minimum Consumption of Korea.

Other non-standard voltage and premium motors may be customized; however, electrical specifications and appearances may be differed from the drawing.

When using a 3ph motor, a standard starting panel must be connected to the 3ph motor.


Pump type: ACRK

Specifications: 4.0KW 8P

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