ACL SRL 109 2/2 Direct Acting NC

يرجى طلب عرض
رقم المنتج 109
المصنع ACL SRL
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يمكنك التحقق من سعر وتفاصيل المنتج المسمى ACL SRL - 109. للحصول على عرض ، يرجى ملء نموذج العرض عبر الإنترنت

نموذج العرض عبر الإنترنت

Description: 109 ( ACL SRL )

Solenoid valve 2 way normally closed direct acting poppet type

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Fabian Dominguez
/ 2020-05-07

Boxing material was as good as the product itself. It was meritorious, thanks again. Logistic service is fast and the packaging was perfect. The design is beautiful, it is very satisfying. Excellent mastery, great product and fast service, thank you.

عبدالحميد الحميد
/ 2020-01-16

المنتج رائع ، فتحته ، راجعته ، يعمل. ACL SRL انه جيد ، وكذلك ثمنه أرخص أنا راضٍ جدًا عن المنتج والبائع. شكرا مرة أخرى للبائع.

Avah Schwartz
/ 2019-11-06

Nice communication, they answered all my questions. The product was as described and it was great quality, very practical. Quick response, I received the item very fast. ACL SRL 109 2/2 Direct Acting NC Awesome seller, I recommend them to all my colleagues.