AC-Motoren IE3AC13S4009 Three-phase asynchronous motor with squirrel-cage rotor

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رقم المنتج IE3AC13S4009
المصنع AC-Motoren
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Description: IE3AC13S4009 ( AC-Motoren )

Aluminum housing - - IE3 - efficiency 89.6% Type FCA 132 S-4 / PHE, size 132 S, 5.5 / 6.6 kW, S1, IP 55, type B5 / 300 mm, 1460 1 / min, 400 / 690 volts, 50 Hz 1752 rpm, 460/795 volts, 60 Hz shaft end 38 x 80 mm, with 3 built-in PTC thermistors, insulation class F / B, RAL 7030, weight 54.5 kg

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Jean Cannon
/ 2020-04-15

Smooth shipping, good seller. I am quite satisfied with what I got. AC-Motoren IE3AC13S4009 I can recommend this seller.

Maruska Farina
/ 2020-01-14

Mi sono piaciuto il prodotto come descritto, bel prodotto in base al prezzo. Il prodotto è uscito meglio di quanto mi aspettassi. Perfetto Preferisco i prodotti di questo negozio quasi 2 anni, qualità e azienda molto interessante.

Janiyah Key
/ 2019-11-02

They provide first rate quality service, awesom. Really good, high quality item, thanks. Fine quality, great packaging. No problems and promt delivery.