AC-Motoren FCA 112 M2 / PHE IE3 Electric Motor

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رقم المنتج FCA 112 M2 / PHE IE3
المصنع AC-Motoren
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Description: FCA 112 M2 / PHE IE3 ( AC-Motoren )

Electric motor 4.00 kW IE3 three-phase motor Fabr .: "AC Motoren" Type: FCA 112 M2 / PHE IE3 Volt: 400/690 Amp.: 7.45 / 4.32 KW: 4.0 - U / min: 2905 - B5 (250) - IP 55 - Isokl. "F" 910013442

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Carly Blackwell
/ 2020-04-12

The design is beautiful, it is very satisfying. Quality of the wrapping was high-standard, superior delivery. Excellent communication, super friendly seller. Good value, strong material with good quality.

Aubrie Lang
/ 2020-04-01

It was carefully packaged, not even a stratch. Wonderful service, would buy from again. Assured quality, thank you, i will buy again. Splendid, ideal packaging. Item was exactly as described.

Furio Messina
/ 2019-11-12

Limballaggio e la spedizione erano molto buoni. Vi vorrei congratularti. Sono molto soddisfatto del mio lacquisti. Siete molto braviper la velocità di consegna è eccezionale. Grazie per aiuto la mia macchina si é fermata e mi hanno chiamato subito. AC-Motoren