AC-Motoren DM-4-B14K-0,18-63-A-Z0 Three-phase asynchronous motor

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رقم المنتج DM-4-B14K-0,18-63-A-Z0
المصنع AC-Motoren
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Description: DM-4-B14K-0,18-63-A-Z0 ( AC-Motoren )

Three-phase asynchronous motor 1500 rpm, B14K, 0.18 kW Manufacturer: ATG Type: DM-4-B14K-0.18-63-A-Z0 Power: 0.18 kW Voltage: 230/400 volt D / Y speed: 1500 rpm protection class: IP 55 design: IM B14K (90x75x60) shaft: d = 11 mm

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Clay Li
/ 2019-12-05

Quick response, I received the item very fast. Fine quality, great packaging. AC-Motoren

Rayne Marquez
/ 2019-11-18

Pleasing service quality, I will by again. AC-Motoren DM-4-B14K-0,18-63-A-Z0 Prompt, good, valued, highly recommended.

Scott Lawson
/ 2019-11-12

Exactly what I needed to buy. Great product, awesome price. Ever so marvelous packaging. I am a repeat customer, excellent communication and prompt shipping. Logistic service is fast and the packaging was perfect.