AC-Motoren ACM 160 M-6/PHE Three-phase asynchronous motor m. Squirrel cage

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رقم المنتج ACM 160 M-6/PHE
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Description: ACM 160 M-6/PHE ( AC-Motoren )

E3AC16M6001 - cast iron housing - - IE3 - efficiency 89.1% size 160 M, 7.5 / 9 kW, S1, IP 55, type B3 970 1 / min, 400/690 volt, 50 Hz 1164 1 / min, 460/795 Volt, 60 Hz shaft end 42 x 110 mm, RAL 7030, with 3 built-in PTC thermistors, terminal box above, insulation class F / B, weight 141 kg.

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Celia Whitehead
/ 2020-02-06

The product was as described and it was great quality, very practical. Turstworthy merchant, I had no problems with the product. AC-Motoren Outstanding item and swift sending. High quality product with careful packaging, thank you. I bought many times from this merchant, I recommend it.

盛 莉
/ 2019-11-29

看上这款宝贝已经很久了,终于到手了,没有让我失望 东西好用,型号也符合要求。服务态度也很好! 物流速度快,客服人员亲和 AC-Motoren 信誉好,服务更好

Averie Mooney
/ 2019-11-07

Good quality and best material. I am a repeat customer, excellent communication and prompt shipping. I am quite satisfied with what I got. Suberb delivery, definetely recommended. Boxing material was as good as the product itself.