AEP DFI-2mV/V Indicator

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Product number DFI-2mV/V
Producer AEP

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Description: DFI-2mV/V ( AEP )

AEP DFI-2mV/V Indicator

Product Name: AEP DFI-2mV/V Indicator
Product Brand: AEP
Product Code: DFI-2mV/V
Product Artikel: AEP DFI-2mV/V Indicator

Hand held digital indicator, totally autonomous and with input for strain gauge based dynamometers (force) and load cells (weight).
It is ideal to be used in the most modern static and dynamic measurement systems as materials testing-machines, printing presses, test benches and generally in the automation industrial sector.
With 0,02% accuracy makes it possible to be used use in quality systems as first or second line sample, periodically calibrated by a calibration centre (ACCREDIA in italy).

The indicator is provided with a programming menu which permits to choose different engineering units (kN, daN, N, t, kg), resolution and digital filter, according to measurements to be performed.
The display also shows an analogue indication bar for pressure, that is still on, even in programming menu.

Main features:
PEAK FUNCTION (positive and negative)
RS232C OUTPUT (on request)
DIGITAL CALIBRATION for both positive and negative field, to remove differences between readings for dynamometers in tension and in compression loads

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