AC-Motoren IE3AC22M4000 Three phase asynchronous mit cage rotor

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Product number IE3AC22M4000
Producer AC-Motoren
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Description: IE3AC22M4000 ( AC-Motoren )

 gray cast iron housing - - IE3 - efficiency 94.2% Type ACM 225 M-4 / PHE, size 225 M, 49.5 kW, S1, IP 55, type B3, 1770 1 / min, 440/760 volts, 60Hz Shaft 60 x 140 mm, Insulation class F / B, RAL 7030, With 3 built-in thermistors, Terminal box on top,

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木 俊
/ 2020-03-14

老板特别专业,东西也特别给力,先进的技术决定一切,解决我难题 产品质量保证,售前售后服务都很不错 不错的宝贝, 很好的卖家。 AC-Motoren 公司一直用着这款产品,质量信得过。

Rylee Mathis
/ 2020-02-29

I wish every seller were as good as them. It was carefully packaged, not even a stratch. Quick dispatch with first rate service.

ختام الفريدي
/ 2019-11-12

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