AC-Motoren IE2 // Type: FCA 90 L-4 / HE Three-phase motor

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Product number Aca 90 L-4/He
Producer AC-Motoren
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Description: Aca 90 L-4/He ( AC-Motoren )

IE2 three-phase motor Type: FCA 90 L-4 / HE Power: 1.5 kW - S1 Speed: 1,445 rpm Voltage: 400/690 V - 50 Hz Design: Please clarify the design as there are several options! Degree of protection: IP 55 Thermal class: F / B terminal box: top Special: 3 thermistors UL E480221 Weight: 15.8 kg

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Aleena Shah
/ 2020-03-13

I always buy my goods from this seller. Good communication and service. I am quite satisfied with what I got. Packaging was good. Awesome seller, I got my package with no problems. AC-Motoren

米 琳
/ 2020-01-09

还不错,行程刚刚好 而且行程终止自动断电。 AC-Motoren Aca 90 L-4/He Ds-Motor 客服根据我的实际工况选型的,非常仔细 做工精细,是正规厂家生产 公司的产品质量都是比较好。值得信赖 准确度高。好公司 好服务。

Armando Palmieri
/ 2020-01-07

Il prodotto è esattamente uguale a quello mostrato nella foto. Grazie il trasporto è arrivato. Il prodotto è già un leader nella sua categoria. AC-Motoren Aca 90 L-4/He Ds-Motor